ER3: Project: Developing and testing new molecular techniques to evaluate the microbial interactions based on application of real-time PCR methods


Research Fellow: Mukundh Balasubramanian, BioSistemika (Slovenia)


ER3 will couple qPCR with efficient sample preparation & concentration for developing a highly sensitive and fast method for quantifying dominant microbes in microbial populations (e.g. viruses, bacteria) in water, water substrates and biofilms. Based on results from microbial community structure research in ESR 6 and ESR 10 new qPCR protocols for detection of dominant microbes in water environments focusing on bacteria and viruses that originate from anthropogenic activity (e.g. wastewater) that pose potential health hazards or threats to the water ecosystems will be developed. These protocols will then be applied ERS 6 and ESR 10 to compliment the different analyses of microbial groups.

Tasks and methodology

ER3 will integrate i.) sample preparation techniques ii) innovative approaches to concentration of target organisms from larger volumes of seawater iii) development of new qPCR assays for selected microbes from marine environments iv) data analysis strategies v) connection of these technologies into a single detection method/protocol and testing in real marine environment.


  • Matjaz Hren (BioSistemika)
  • Valentina Turk (National Institute of Biology)

Video Introduction

Watch this short video of ER3 Mukundh Balasubramanian introducing himself and talking about his Interfaces project: