ESR9: Hot spots of turnover along ventilated burrows of macrozoobenthos


Research Fellow: Viktor Baranov, Leibnitz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (Germany)


  • Analysis of remobilization of fixed phosphorus (P) in lacustrine sediments after reestablishment of anoxic conditions after emergence of Chironomus plumosus larvae
  • Analysis of advection as relevant transport process in muddy lacustrine sediments inhabited by C. plumosus larvae
  • Identification of processes involved in nutrient turnover induced by C. plumosus larvae in lake sediments
  • Quantify transport of nutrients across burrows and turnover of matter in surrounding sediment and identify hot spots

 Tasks and methodology

  • Long-term laboratory experiments with C. plumosus larvae to study their long-term impacts on P cycling
  • Study and quantification of advective transport processes in lake sediments induced by ventilation activity of C. plumosus larvae by positron emission tomography
  • Identifcation of hotspots and quantification of biogeochemical turnover (P, N and C) in lacustrine sediments inhabited by C. plumosus larvae (for methodology see planned secondments below)


  •  Joerg Lewandowski, Gunnar Nuetzmann (IGB)
  • Co-Supervisor: Stefan Krause (University of Birmingham)

Video Introduction

Watch this short video of ESR9 Viktor Baranov introducing himself and talking about his Interfaces project: