John Mohan

Professor of Social Policy and Director of the Third Sector Research Centre 

John is Professor of Social Policy at the University of Birmingham, and Director of TSRC, leading its program of quantitative research.

He has substantive research and teaching interests in social policy and human geography. He is working on studies of voluntarism (both voluntary organisations and volunteering) and would be keen to supervise research on this.

His work includes several projects concerned with the voluntary sector and with charitable giving, including: Third Sector Trends in North East England and Cumbria (Northern Rock Foundation); ESRC/OTS research centre on Charitable Giving and Philanthropy; and Understanding Population Trends and Processes (ESRC).


Much of John’s previous research has focused on health and health care policy, including organisational changes in health care delivery, the public-private mix for health, and the role of non-profit organisations. Other interests include spatial divisions of welfare; urban and regional policy; history of social policy.

John studied geography at Durham University and subsequently held research and/or teaching posts at Birkbeck College, Plymouth Polytechnic, Queen Mary and Westfield College, and Portsmouth University before moving to Southampton in 2005.

Distinctions, awards 

  • 2006 Elected Academician, Academy of Learned Societies for the Social Sciences
  • 2005 Leverhulme Fellowship
  • 2003 Erskine Fellowship, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • 2003, 2006 Advisor, House of Commons Health Committee
  • 1992 Harkness Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania