Meetings and events


Final Meeting 28th-31st October 2018 


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The ZENCODE-ITN final meeting was held in the beautiful surroundings of Cape Sounio, Greece. The three day conference proved very successful with esteemed invited speakers,  Pi's and ESRs attending and presenting as well as fun social activities and dinners, all thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. 


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Temple of Posiedon - Group Social Visit


AT7 Barcelona May 7th - 8th 2018 

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Hosted by Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, the goal of ATC7 was to 'Understand how genome sequencing is being used in practical clinical setting'

A two-day workshop in Barcelona with external speakers, the workshop also featured a visit to the Centro Nacional de Análisis Genómico-Centro de Regulación Genómica (CNAG-CRG), an SB meeting where all PI's attended, network/poster session and an evening social where all PIs and ESRs joined in.


ATC6 27th Nov - 1st Dec 2017

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Hosted by the King’s and the Imperial Colleges, ATCs 6 was held in London. 

The event spread over five days, with the main goal of training the ESRs on both transferable skills and Next-Generation-Sequencing data analysis.

As part of the training, the ESRs have faced with the challenge of introducing a motivated group of high school students to some aspects of medical research and the importance of model organisms. Applied science has revealed of great interest for the teenagers who got engaged with enthusiasm and fun!

The week finished on a more technical note with in depth training of RNA-seq data analysis.


Gene-Regulatory Systems in Development 27th-29th March 2017, Carmona, Spain

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Our jointly organised conference with fellow ITN project DevCom proved a great success. Set in the beautiful town of Carmona, just outside Seville in Spain. It created a beautiful backdrop for an interesting and fruitful conference that all our students were able to attend and take part in the poster session. Invaluable time was spent networking with prominent invited speakers and a session with the editor of Nat Genet was another highlight for our group.


ATC4&5 and Mid-Term Review Meeting 11th-13th Jan 2017

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Our 3rd training event (ChIP-seq and MedIP-seq analysis; organised by MPI, Imperial) was held in Munster, Germany, hosted by the Max Planck Institute. Arranged over 3 days it also incorporated our Mid-Term Review Meeting where all the ESRs presented updates on their projects, along with some background information for our EU project Officer and reviewer. Social events included a tour of Munster and two evening dinners, all very much enjoyed by our ESRs and Pi's.


ATC2&3 25th April-5th May 2016, Liege, Belgium

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Our second training event ATC2/3 took place at the University of GIGA in Liege, Belgum. 14 ZENCODE PhD students, from Japan, Sweden, Germany, England, Spain and Belgium, attended the 2 weeks training course on the CAGE-seq and ChIP-seq technologies. A Network and Supervisory Board meeting was also held on the last day where all students presentated updates on their projects so far and plans for the future. It was a great success as demonstrated in the photos below.


ATC1 19th-21st Oct 2015, Kidderminster, UK

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ATC1 Network Meeting 19th-21st October 2015The first ZENCODE Network and training event took place in the wonderful, picturesque place of Bewdley, near Kidderminster at the Hotel Mercure.

Monday 19th Oct and Tuesday 20th Oct focused on student training events (basic computational biology) and then Wed 21st Oct, the PIs introduced their labs to the students followed by a social in the afternoon/evening. There was also an advisory board meeting to discuss matters of the network.  

The last day of the meeting took place at the stunning Spring Grove House, Safari Park, Kidderminster.