Visa advice for Birmingham International Summer School

Below you will find useful information to help you apply for a visa to attend the Birmingham International Summer School.

Applying for a visa to study

International students (from outside the European Economic Area or Switzerland) need a visa (entry clearance) to study in the UK. Even students classed as ‘non-visa nationals’ will need to apply for the correct permission to study in the UK.

If you are a non-EEA visitor you must have a prior entry clearance visa or entry stamp that permits study.

  1. If you are a visa national you must apply for your visa before you come to the UK. The University will provide you with a letter to use for your visa application. Check if you are a visa national on the UKVI website.     
  2. If you are a non-visa national you have a choice of applying for a visa before you come to the UK or you can ask for entry as a student at the airport when you arrive.  The University will provide you with a letter which you can use either to apply for prior entry clearance or to give to the Immigration Control Officer at the airport when they are checking your passport. You should request a Short Term Study visa.

I am a visa national - what type of visa should I apply for?

 You should apply for a Short Term Study visa 

If you need more assistance, visit our support pages where you can find out how to submit an online query and receive further guidance on your application.

Please note

You must ensure that you fly directly into a UK airport.  

Do not fly via the Common Travel Area (this includes the Republic of Ireland) as the entry granted is only as a visitor (tourist) and does not permit study and we would be unable to admit you to the Summer School.