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Notes for re-use requesters

Remember: Re-use means using information for a purpose different from the purpose for which it was initially produced, held or disseminated.

About re-use

Some requests for information deemed unsuitable for re-use may be declined (for example because it would not be accessible under access legislation such as the Freedom of Information Act).

Information may be supplied to you in the form originally produced or held (e.g., in paper or film rather than machine-readable digital format). Public sector bodies are not required to reformat the information to suit a request.

The standard reply timeframe for re-use requests is twenty working days. For high-volume or complex requests, the public sector body may take longer, although they must tell you within twenty working days if this is the case.

You may be required to have a licence agreement with the public sector body, but the licence must be standard and the terms and conditions as non-restrictive as possible. Libraries are allowed to charge more than marginal cost for re-use.

The Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015 require re-use requests to include certain information. Other information is necessary to determine which form of licence is appropriate for the intended re-use.

Content of your request

Be specific about what information you want:

  • is it from a particular location or body?
  • what period of time?
  • level of detail (e.g., a summary or all information)
  • preferred format of information

Be specific on how you intend to re-use the information.

If your request is for information which has not yet been published, you should send your request directly to the relevant body as a simultaneous Freedom of Information Act and re-use request.

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