List of Information Assets

Library Services produces, disseminates, holds and uses many information items that are presented in various formats. Items that are related to its public task are subject to the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015.

The Library's information assets are categorised as follows:

Items relating to Library Services listed in the University of Birmingham Publication Scheme

Publication scheme

Information relating to the governance and management of Library Services, including

  • Corporate data
  • Contracts
  • Human Resources data
  • Finance
  • Information management
  • User services
  • Health & Safety
  • Library buildings and their maintenance

Library collections

Digital collections (including the Phyllis Nicklin images)

N.B. The ePapers repository contains some material that is included within the scope of the PSI regulations. This is where the copyright is held by the University. However, copyright in a significant number of deposits within ePapers is retained by third parties and such items are excluded from release under the PSI regulations. Such items may, however, be freely viewed for reference purposes.

Catalogue information and metadata



Please note that there are some limitations that may restrict the release of information for re-use. These include where the copyright is not held by the University, where personal data is involved or where release would not be agreed if a similar application had been made under existing access legislation, such as the Freedom of Information Act 2000.