Developing and Evaluating Interventions for Learners with SLD/PMLD

This module is primarily concerned with developing interventions for all age learners with Severe Learning Disabilities or Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (SLD/PMLD).

You will be supported to identify interventions through examination of current, relevant developments in theory and practice. Specific interventions will change from year to year, but are typically pedagogical or therapeutic designed to meet the needs of learners with SLD/PMLD. Students choose to base their assignments and activities on aspects of developing interventions that are relevant for them. 

This module will give you 20 credits at Postgraduate Masters Level/Level 7.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • demonstrate coherent knowledge and systematic understanding of the needs of learners with SLD/ PMLD specifically in relation to developing innovations in theory and practice
  • analyse critically and evaluate personally chosen aspects of assessing and /or meeting the needs of learners with SLD/ PMLD in your own setting
  • synthesise effectively a wide range of relevant sources to support developing innovations in your work with learners with SLD/ PMLD
  • analyse and evaluate critically a variety of practical, theoretical and research perspectives underpinning the development of innovations in your own work place. 


You will be assessed through a range of work, enabling you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and understanding of the theory and practical application of the module material. 

You will have one specific formative assessment (where you receive informal feedback, but it does not count towards your module grade) and two components of summative assessment (which are each graded).  

Through this comprehensive range of assessment components, your professional and academic careers will be enhanced.