Attention and Autism

Start date
4 Weeks
Course Type
Dr Carmel Mevorach and Dr Lila Kossyvaki introduce the MOOC

As more children are being diagnosed with autism (about 1 in every 100), it is very likely that a teacher will have to teach an autistic child at some point in their career. Research has shown that adapting teachers’ strategies to meet the needs of autistic children can benefit all in the classroom.

Develop your insight and skills to better understand how attention works in autistic people.

In this course, you will explore the concept of attention and its impact on autistic people. Given the potential benefits of attention on broader academic attainment and inclusion for this population, this course will help you reflect on your own practices and develop and use tools to assess and teach attention in autistic children at school.

What topics will you cover?

  • Autism
  • Models of attention
  • Attention and learning
  • Technology and autism
  • Attention in autism
  • Attention training
  • Computerized progressive attentional training (CPAT): how it works and case studies 

Learning Outcomes

  • To get an understanding of key areas of difficulties for autistic people but also the uniqueness of each individual
  • To be introduced to the different attention functions
  • To understand why attention is a key factor in learning
  • To get an overview of the unique ways attention is presented in autistic people
  • To understand how attention can be taught
  • To reflect on the main reasons technology can be an effective tool to teach autistic individuals
  • To be trained in how to use an evidence-based App to improve attention in autistic children

Week Titles

  • Week 1: Introduction to autism and attention
  • Week 2: Attention and learning in autism
  • Week 3: Technology and attention training
  • Week 4: Computerized progressive attentional training (CPAT)

Entry requirements

The MOOC is open to everyone who has an interest in autism or/and attention but it is highly recommended for educational professionals and therapists who work with individuals with autism from all over the world.

Lead educators

In collaboration with Lilach Shalev (Tel Aviv University) and Gerardo Herrera (University of Valencia). The MOOC is one of the deliverables for Erasmus+ Programme, KA2, Project Agreement Number 2019-1-UK01-KA201-061560.

How to apply

Apply now at the FutureLearn website.

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