Unlock new career opportunities with the 100% Online MBA

Unlock new career opportunities with the 100% Online MBA


0.12: HARRIET JECKELLS: What surprised me most was how global it was and how immediate it was – and when you’re on the discussion boards you’re chatting to people from all over the world.

0.20: DR OMASANJUWA EDUN: There’s a very close relationship and interaction with module leaders and module tutors.

0.28: ALEX SINCLAIR: Understanding different cultures yet at the same time the same level of expertise – constantly collaborating, constantly feeding information back and forth.

0.37: MARK CANNELL: The University has great industry connections. The Deloitte Consultancy Challenge is just one of the many opportunities where students can come on campus and interact.

0.47: ONUR KIYICI: They can share their real experience – what happened in their case – and then you’re able to compare those with your experience.

0.54: DR OMASANJUWA EDUN: You’re able to immediately apply those learnings to work and immediately see the results.

0.58: HARRIET JECKELLS: I think students choose the University of Birmingham because they want a combination of factors – so they want the Russell Group, they want the rankings…

1.07: ALEX SINCLAIR: I think it’s a level of prestige but also high calibre learning.

1.10: DR OMASANJUWA EDUN: I was looking for a University that was well grounded in research, entrepreneurship and innovation.

1.16: HARRIET JECKELLS: It was the first to have AMBA-accreditation. I think that’s why students choose it.

1.10: ALEX SINCLAIR: Over time, you are slowly progressing – slowly gaining confidence and understanding.

1.26: HARRIET JECKELLS: It challenges you; it pushes you.

1.29: DR OMASANJUWA EDUN: It will change your entire perspective, for the better.


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