Food Safety, Hygiene and Management Masters - What our students say

We'll let our students speak for us:

Food industry

Some of the graduates from the Msc Food Safety Hygiene and Management programme find work in the food industry after completing the course. Graduates work in the UK and in many other countries.

Patricia, from Spain, feels ‘If you are interested in the food industry the course is definitely useful because you learn how it all works and realise how all the steps in the food chain are very important.’

Sandrine came from a microbiology background and works in the food industry in the UK. She writes: ‘I did use and still will be using most of the modules, especially the safety and HACCP because now we have to be proactive (in the food industry) and try to foresee what could go wrong before it happens.’

Food and Microbes was identified by Mohammed, a dietician, as a significant module. He says ‘it was very important and I think this module is the base of food hygiene.’

After graduation Amee started work as a Manager in Quality Assurance (Food Safety Management Systems) for Amul (the biggest dairy in India). She says ‘The course has helped me immensely to acquire in depth knowledge about food safety.’

Harry Zhang is employed by a  major manufacturer in China. He says ‘The four taught modules are very helpful for my current work at Heinz as a technical service specialist. You can learn everything from them that is practical to the actual food industry. The research course and major project are very good attempts for a student to challenge himself. You can improve a lot in ways of thinking, ways of organising project during that time. This has proved useful in my actual work after graduation.’

He continues: ‘It is definitely of great value learning here. The teaching team of Food Safety, Hygiene and Management are no doubt one of the best teams I’ve ever met during my decades of academic career. They make every effort to make you better no matter what background you were in the past.’




Food Control

The course emphasises legislative aspects of food control as well as technical and scientific matters. Past students can be found working in food control outside the UK including Greece,  China (Hong Kong), Turkey, Korea, Brunei and Saudi Arabia.

Andrew works as an Environmental Health Officer in a UK Local Authority and he comments: ‘I moved from being a general EHO to a specialist Food Safety Team during the course and have remained there since. I am now the team leader for 9 EHO/FSO and 4 EOs. The course content was very comprehensive and useful for the work which I am involved with at the moment.’

Elli originally studied Biotechnology in Greece. She wrote ‘My experience at Birmingham University, besides being very enjoyable both on a personal and academic level, has definitely provided me with the knowledge and the analytical way of thinking, which have been invaluable tools not only for job interviews but mainly for my everyday job. These valuable skills and of course the University's reputation played a role as a "door-opener”. Currently, I am working for the Food Standards Agency as a Scientific Officer.’

Eleni also originated from Greece. A qualified vet, she came to work in the UK in meat hygiene and says of the course: ‘On a number of occasions this MSc has been a plus for my professional development e.g.
-  Being selected as a food safety expert in the European Commission, DG SANCO
- Acquiring a teaching job in a Food Technology College.
Now I’m a candidate student for a PhD in the University of Thessaly, Medicine Faculty.’

A final comment from Ihab sums up the opinion of many of the students: ‘My Birmingham experience was amazing; a high level of science, in a multicultural city and a world class university. So keep up the hard work and enjoy Birmingham.’