Electrification and Traction Systems

Module Title - Electrification and Traction Systems
Number of credits - 20

Module description 

This module allows you to develop the knowledge, skills and knowhow that are necessary to specify and assess the requirements for the traction system for a particular type of train, the specific topology of the line or network to be served and the associated service pattern.

The module covers the arrangements for the supply of energy to the train from a national grid or another power source, e.g., diesel, hydrogen or, battery etc., the onboard control and conditioning of the power to be supplied to the traction machines, the facilities for storing energy onboard and trackside, as well as the transmission of traction and braking forces.

The module also deals with the fixed infrastructure needed to convert power from a national grid and to distribute it to AC or DC trains, using either overhead or ground-level electrification. Students will learn to dimension both traction and braking systems to achieve the necessary acceleration and deceleration rates, creating digital models to validate the choices made. They acquire the knowhow to review the safety and sustainability of traction systems and supplies.

The module is delivered through standard and interactive lectures, case studies, interactive lectures, and team activities provided by University staff, to develop knowhow and skills, with support from guest lecturers from industry and other relevant educational establishments.