Systems Engineering and Ergonomics

Module Title - Systems Engineering and Ergonomics 
Number of credits - 20

Module description 

This module on systems engineering and ergonomics is designed to cover four main areas:

(1) systems engineering approaches, management engineering, and project risk;
(2) systems life-cycle engineering tools for reliability and performance;
(3) safety cases and human factors; and
(4) ergonomic design concepts.

The module is intended to provide students with an understanding of the interfaces and interactions of the railways as complex and complicated systems. It covers hard and soft systems approaches, appropriate systems engineering tools, case studies and an in depth review of safety case theory and practice. The main technical issues that drive the design of components for the usability of systems required in the operation of a railway are also addressed in the lectures.

Also addressed are tools to assess and mitigate the financial and organisational risks of major projects. The module is delivered through case studies, interactive lectures, and team activities to develop learning with support from guest lecturers from industry.