Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals

Module Code: 19851 (multi-professional), 26053 (Clinical Teaching Fellow)

From the perspective of both teacher and learner, this module explores theories of education and themes of professional values and practice within clinical education. Approaches to teaching, including planning, expectations, targets and strategies, are explored.       

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, you will be able to: 

  • demonstrate an appreciation of the role and function of education within a medical setting.
  • demonstrate how to compare and contrast learning theories in the context of medical education.
  • provide evidence of a critical awareness of concepts of achievement and of ways in which learning can be maximised, from the perspectives of teachers and learners.
  • structure appropriate teaching and learning objectives and plan learning activities, taking account of assessment requirements and of the needs of the learner.
  • demonstrate an ability to critically reflect on the success, or otherwise, of their teaching.
  • organise and manage teaching/learning time, space, resources, etc to meet planned learning objectives.
  • demonstrate how to build successful educational relationships, set high expectations and establish purposeful learning environments in medical education.
  • develop a critical awareness of the varying interests, experiences and achievements of the learner and the need to differentiate teaching strategies to accommodate these.
  • understand the entitlement of the learner, from the perspective of both the teacher and the learner. Appreciate the influence of educational climate, the use of constructive feedback and the role of mentors. 


  • A 4,000-word assignment
  • Submission of a completed teaching observation form