MA Music – which Pathway should I choose?

The Music MA at the University of Birmingham is a flexible programme designed to cater for those with a wide range of interests and specialisms.

It is conceived as a ‘next step’ after the undergraduate degree, either as a stepping stone to research, to broaden experience and knowledge in preparation for school or FE college teaching, or simply to develop your musical abilities. But with ten different pathways available, which one should you choose?

For those interested in academic research 


If you simply want to study ‘Music’…

Our Musicology and Sound Studies pathway is for you. This pathway provides instruction on scholarly research methods and contemporary approaches to musicology and ethnomusicology. You are provided with opportunities for more traditional studies of musical works, as well as more critical examinations of music’s place in the world. You will complete you studies by producing a piece of independent research.

For composers 


Music composition in the 21st century is a diverse and ever evolving practice, bringing together performers, diverse styles, cultures, and practices, and the latest in high technology.

Our Composition pathway aims to foster your skills as you navigate this exciting new world. In this pathway you create new works which combine resources chosen from the latest electroacoustic computer technology and more traditional instruments and voices, or explore those elements separately, all supported through our range of advanced modules.

For performers


If you are a relatively experienced choral conductor….

Our Choral Conducting pathway is for you. Our unique Choral Conducting pathway is directed by Professor Simon Halsey CBE and is in association with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and its internationally renowned choruses and conductors. It gives students the opportunities to observe, conduct and sing every week. You will complete your programme by conducting a formal concert.

If you wish to become a performer or an educator…

Our Performance pathway is for you. With an emphasis on advanced technique and stage performance, this pathway will prepare students for careers as performers and educators. You will develop and refine your skills as a performing musician through a combination of expert individual tuition on your instrument or voice, together with performance classes, seminars, and tutorials. You will complete your degree with a Recital.

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