Pre-conference workshops

University of Birmingham, Monday 24 July 2017

cl2017 logoAs a prelude to CL2017  a wide range of pre-conference workshops were offered, all of which took place at the University of Birmingham on Monday 24 July 2017. 

An overview of the workshop programme is provided below; please click on the title of each workshop for further details and/or calls for papers.

The pre-conference workshops were followed by a pre-conference opening talk by Professor Susan Hunston. For the abstract of her talk - 'Corpus Linguistics in 2017: a personal view', please see the overview of the plenary talks.

Full-day workshops

Workshop 1: CLARIN-UK: Promoting Cross-disciplinary Corpus Linguistics


Workshop 2: Complexity in Writing Development: Untangling Two Approaches to Measuring Grammatical Complexity


Workshop 3: Corpus-based approaches to sign language linguistics: Into the second decade


Workshop 4:  Styling: Big and Small Data in Corpus Stylistics


Workshop 5: The 11th Web as Corpus Workshop (WAC-XI)


Half-day workshops

Morning sessions (09:30 – 12:30)

Workshop 6: Corpus approaches to health communication


Workshop 7: #LancsBox: A new corpus tool for researchers, students and teachers


Afternoon sessions

Workshop 8: CMLC 5 + Big NLP 2017


Workshop 9: Introducing the Spoken BNC2014 – explore the data yourself