Medical Heroes

The University of Birmingham is at the vanguard of developments in the UK’s flourishing Life Sciences sector, an area of major significance to the UK economy with an annual turnover of more than £50 billion.

Medical Heroes

Birmingham Heroes: Rima Dhillon

High-calibre graduates

Strategic investment in research and infrastructure means the University is uniquely placed to provide a platform for the world-leading research and academic-business collaborations being forged in the West Midlands region which promise to put Birmingham at the cutting edge of the Life Sciences field.

Key to this is investment in people, and the University is providing significant numbers of high-calibre graduates in medical, biochemistry and related fields to meet the future needs of the sector.

Workforce of the future

Our high quality and innovative education programmes transform students from all over the world into professionals with the knowledge and skills to be the biomedical and healthcare workforce of the future.

Top-class teaching is backed by an outstanding student experience tailored to individual needs; for the undergraduate or postgraduate student or the career professional.

Birmingham Heroes: Shayan Ahmed

Dr Joe Alderman

Foundation Doctor Year 1 Founder of MiLE, a West Midlands CPR voluntary group

Dr Rima Dhillon

Teaches on the MBCHB and her maternal health research directly impacts the ethnic communities around Birmingham

Dr Shayan Ahmed

Foundation Doctor Year 2. He was in our A2B scheme having first been inspired to do medicine at a University of Birmingham summer school ten years ago

Joe Alderman and Andy Owen

Kate Thomas

Dr Paul Smith

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Life Sciences at Birmingham

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