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Modern British Studies Conference 2017

In 2015, the Centre for Modern British Studies hosted the ‘Rethinking Modern British Studies Conference’. #MBS2015 went far beyond anything we expected, bringing together around three hundred British historians over three days and four parallel sessions.

The conference provided striking evidence of a vibrant and diverse field, but it was one part of what Stuart Hall might call an ‘unfinished conversation’. We’d like to continue that dialogue about the nature, status and effects of our histories on modern Britain, and so from Wednesday 5 to Friday 7 July 2017, the Centre for Modern British Studies will host another three day conference at the University of Birmingham. 


Confirmed plenary panellists include Pamela Cox (University of Essex), Lucy Delap (University of Cambridge), Caroline Elkins (Harvard University), Gurminder Bhambra  (University of Warwick), Margot Finn (University College, London), Leela Gandhi (Brown University) and Peter Mandler (University of Cambridge).

Conference programme

The programme for the conference is now available for download, from the links below.


Registration is now closed. 

For more information, visit the MBS blog.

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