Charlotte Yellop|Therapy Area Specialist (Medical Sales) Pfizer UK Ltd

What is your current role?

I work with healthcare professionals across the South West of England to create awareness and provide information on Pfizer’s portfolio of anti-infective medications and support them in providing treatments for their patients. 

A typical day involves meeting with healthcare professionals in a hospital setting; either 1:1 or doing a presentation to a group. I present on the disease area, trial data on the medicines and its relevance to their clinical practice. I work very flexibly, plan my own schedule and often work from home on my other projects for the business. 

I really enjoy when I hear about positive patient outcomes that have come as a result of the information and support I have provided.

How has your Biomedical Science degree helped you in your current role?

Clinical knowledge - helps my credibility when having technical discussions with consultants and other specialists. The skills in data analysis and presenting scientific content in an engaging way with confidence. Finally the placement year opportunity – developed a network which has resulted in new opportunities for development

Naomi Pallant

Charlotte Yellop

Degree: BSc Biomedical Science (2014-2018)

Current position: Therapy Area Specialist (Medical Sales) Pfizer UK Ltd