Monique Wheatle|Graduate Entry Medicine Year 3 student

What is your current role?

I am currently studying Graduate Medicine at the University of Birmingham. I am currently in year 3 (GEC 2) of Medicine.

It is very self-directed and independent which I definitely enjoy! Days at hospital and GP placement involve structured teaching sessions, taking histories and examining patients, and independent study. 

Interacting with patients is always rewarding, and it is great seeing the science you’ve learnt being put into practice. Learning at placement is particularly enjoyable – just by listening you learn so much! 

How has your Biomedical Science degree helped you in your current role?

It has given me the confidence and independence to work well in a number of different environments. The basis of science obviously helps studying medicine – but the extracurricular activities I have been able to do supplement my development as a professional.


Monique Wheatle

Monique Wheatle

Degree: BSc Biomedical Science - 1st class degree (2015-2018)

  • 1st class Dissertation – Enhancing Patient Participation in Clinical Trials.
  • Completed the Alumni Leadership Mentoring Program at UOB.
  • Gateway bursary, International work experience and Wellcome Trust Scholarship Recipient. 

Current position: Year 3 student on the Graduate Entry to Medicine course at University of Birmingham