Laura Edmunds

edmunds-lauraBSc Human Biology (Graduated 2015)

“Having such a wide range of modules allowed me to explore many career options associated with the field.”

What I have been doing since graduation

I am currently working at Midland fertility as a laboratory assistant and trainee andrologist. I was offered my job before graduation and have been working for this company since October. Following graduation I was registered to train as an andrologist on the Association of biomedical andrologists (ABA) modular course.

How my course benefited me

At university I studied human biology. This course gave a great overview of many aspects of this subject area. I was able to study a wide range of modules including microbiology, pharmacology, reproduction, genetics, animal sensory systems and neurobiology. Having such a wide range of modules allowed me to explore many career options associated with the field.

My first year in Birmingham

My first year in Birmingham was very eventful and involved me getting used to daily commutes on the train to get to lectures on time. It was also a time of meeting new people (who have became lifelong friends) and getting used to the format of lectures and the process of writing up lecture notes. There was definitely a lot going on during the first year of university including a lot of laboratory work and a wide range of modules to study.

How going to University benefitted me

Throughout my time at secondary school I had always aspired to work within the field of reproductive biology and going to university has allowed me to get my dream job. It gave me the opportunity to learn more about the field and also to organize work experience within different fertility clinics to enhance my CV. I had a great tutor who was very supportive throughout my studies and also provided me with the link to the fertility clinic in which I work.

Campus life

The campus at university is such a peaceful place to study. It is much more of a relaxed atmosphere compared to city centre universities. There are many study areas on campus and being able to study outdoors in the summer gave me a chance to make the most of the beautiful campus setting. The campus also offers a wide range of resources such as two libraries and many places to eat and socialize with friends between lectures.

Student societies I took part in

During my second year of university I took part in the peer assisted study sessions (PASS), during which I was able to mentor first year students and help them with their studies. This gave me the opportunity to increase my confidence and organization skills. I would recommend to join groups such as this as it is great fun and allows you to meet different people. It also is a great feeling to know that you are helping others with their studies. 

My future aspirations

I am currently training as an andrologist and aspire to be fully qualified in this area. I would also like to explore fertility further in the future and train as an embryologist. Without university this would not have been possible and I still feel very lucky that it has given me the opportunity to work in such an amazing field.

My top tips

I think it is always great to make the most of the resources at university including the careers services. Having an idea of what you would like to do after university provides great motivation throughout your studies. I would also advise getting work experience quite early on and explore the range of careers that relate to this subject area.