Human Sciences courses

When you study for your Human Sciences degree at Birmingham, you’ll explore what makes us human at multiple levels including from our biology and our psychology, to our behaviours. It also addresses the responsibility that comes with being human. A responsibility none of us asked for as individuals, but which we collectively bear as the only species on earth that can act as potential guardians or destroyers of our planet and its ecosystems. 

Three year degree programmes

Four year degree programmes

It is a flexible programme that gives you a broad understanding of biological principles, but also lets you pursue your own interests and helps you to fulfill your personal career ambitions.

Many of our courses offer you the opportunity to add something extra to your degree, if you are interested in a research career have a look at our Undergraduate Masters programmes. 

 Fieldwork Opportunities

Some of our students go on a field course to the Pembrokeshire coast to study adaptations to aquatic environments