The University of Birmingham Capgemini Community Challenge

An exclusive opportunity not offered at any other Business School in the UK, the Capgemini Community Challenge is one of the most exciting opportunities on offer to undergraduates at Birmingham Business School. It is an immersive consultancy experience like no other. 

About the Challenge

The week-long Challenge takes place at Capgemini’s world-renowned client-solutions facilities, with students carrying out tangible solutions-based consultancy projects for actual third-sector clients. For those who take part, it is a major boost to your CV, professional development and work experience. It is also an amazing opportunity to make a real difference to the charitable organisation you are assigned to help. 


Capgemini Challenge 2015


Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business, technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness. It is a major global employer, based in over 40 countries around the world, that recruits Birmingham Business School students into numerous internships, placements and permanent jobs every year. The Challenge is championed by Capgemini Corporate Vice President – Billie Major, whom all students meet with during the week.

Billie Major

Billie Major

Corporate Vice President Capgemini

“We get so much energy from the students during the week and it’s moving to see just how much they gain from the experience and achieve for their charity. It’s great to collaborate with the University of Birmingham in this way and we actively look forward to the students descending on us every year!”

Take part

The Challenge is open to all first and second (or penultimate) year undergraduates to apply to. 

Applications will open here March 2022.

Hear from our previous participants

“I'm currently a second year Business Management student, pursuing a career in consultancy. I chose to apply to the Capgemini community challenge to gain an insight for my future career. Without a doubt, I have acquired more than I could have of ever asked for. I have gained invaluable skills such as learning to manage client needs and wants effectively, as well as building incredible relationships with talented Capgemini staff that are now helping me to secure a placement. For those interested in consultancy or wanting to gain invaluable experience, I would STRONGLY recommend that they apply!”
Isobel Morgan, BSc Business Management Year in Industry 

“This was a fantastic experience that I recommend to any UOB student. We had a great team and worked together to solve problems for a client. There are very few organisations that offer work experience in such an engaging and insightful way.”
Joseph Wagman, BSc Economics 

“If you want to know the true meaning of productivity, you will by the end of the Capgemini Community Challenge. Never have I felt so driven to complete a task with such dedication whilst enjoying myself throughout.” 
Luke Power, BSc Economics

“Applying for the Capgemini Community Challenge was the best thing I did; I had no idea it would be so great! I had such an enjoyable week, full of hard work and fun. The best part of the week was presenting our ideas to our clients and seeing all our hard work come together in our presentation. I can honestly say it was the best week I have ever had and I would love to work with Capgemini again in the future.”
Samra Rehman BSc, Accounting and Finance

“For all those unsure about applying; just do it. It genuinely doesn’t matter what your background is, the five days you spend in Capgemini’s offices are truly eye-opening and you are guaranteed to get something out of it. For me, I found how much I enjoy interacting with clients, and I also learned how to present in front of a large crowd which is something that I could never quite conquer before. I could not feel more proud of being on this year’s Challenge.”
Amrit Bains, BSc Business Management 

“The Capgemini Community Challenge proved to be one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. It provided me with an amazing opportunity to deliver real change for worthwhile projects. On top of this, I learned so many strategic business skills that will benefit me throughout my career.”
Mathew Day, BSc Business Management 

Capgemini Challenge 2015
Capgemini Challenge 2015

Learn more

If you have any questions about your application please contact Andrew Miles, Corporate Relations Manager at Birmingham Business School at You can also find some further commonly asked questions here.