MSc Consultancy Projects

Our highly talented and specialist MSc students are ready to help you by carrying out critical strategic projects or research in key areas of your business.

These projects are usually, though not exclusively, assigned to students as their final assessment over the summer. All work carried out is confidential, making for an extremely valuable low-cost consultancy resource to companies. We encourage companies to submit projects every year and to contact us with all ideas and research needs that you have.

MSc Strategic Marketing and Consulting

Consultancy projects

These projects require the student to carry out a marketing / communications based consultancy project. The timings of these projects differ slightly in that we can offer group projects between November and March, as well as the traditional individual projects between May and September.  The students are being trained in the science of marketing research, and will be able to offer a sound knowledge of marketing, research techniques and the principles of consultancy.  They are being taught project management skills, and will be briefed on etiquette for business consultancy assignments.  Examples of the type of project that can be undertaken include:

  • Investigating the size and structure of markets (either UK or overseas).
  • Consumer attitudes towards products, services, brands or organisations.
  • Competitor analysis – understanding strategies, markets and performance.
  • New market potential – exploring the business potential for new product or service ideas.
  • Evaluating a client’s on-line or off-line marketing strategy, relative to competitors and/or relative to benchmark organisations in other sectors.
  • Identifying and planning marketing communication campaigns – identifying appropriate media, targets, message and timing.
  • Researching best practice or case study examples of company strategies in particular market sectors.
  • Relationship between service recovery and brand loyalty.

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