Elena Osadchaya

osadchaya-elenaBusiness School, Department of Marketing

Contact details: EXO898@student.bham.ac.uk

Supervisors: Dr David Houghton

The Role of Social Media in the Quarter-Life Crisis, and Subsequent Consumption Behaviours


  • 2008: Undergraduate Certificate in Oriental Studies, Korean Philology (FEFU, Vladivostok, Russia) – 2:1
  • 2016: MA International Business (University of Greenwich, London, UK) - Distinction
  • 2018: MSc by Research (University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK) - Distinction
  • In progress: PhD in Marketing (University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK)


Research Overview

      The research focuses on the intersection between the quarter-life crisis (QLC) in millennials, social media and consumer behaviour. The QLC can be defined as a period of normative developmental crisis roughly between the ages of 21-35 that reveals itself through a feeling of unfulfilled expectations for oneself, anxiety about one's future and identity confusion. Due to numerous economic, social, and technological changes in Western societies, The Millennial generation is believed to be more susceptible to this crisis than older generations. The main argument outlined in this thesis is that millennial QLC sufferers, being active social media users, tend to unfavourably compare themselves to more successful friends on social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Instagram), which increases their self-discrepancy between the actual and desired self-states in an important self-domain (e.g., career success, romantic relationship, academic performance) and this, in turn, escalates the QLC and motivates to enact compensatory consumer behaviour strategies. The research generally builds upon self-concept theory and is particularly guided by self-discrepancy theory.

Research Interests 

  • Intersection between Social Media, Mental Health and Consumer Behaviour
  • Digital Marketing
  • Emerging Adulthood


  • 2016: MSc by Research Academic Excellence Scholarship in Marketing (the University of Edinburgh)
  • 2018: School of Business Doctoral Research Studentship (the University of Birmingham)

Conference papers

  • Osadchaya, E., & Marder, B. The Impact of Idealised Facebook Posts on the Quarter-Life Crisis in Millennials. The ESRAD's Conference, the University of Greenwich, 25-27th May, 2018.
  • Erz, A., Marder, B., & Osadchaya, E. On Social Media, if Content is ‘King’ then Hashtags are ‘Queen’: Motivational Drivers and Use of Hashtags. The European Marketing Academy's Conference 2018, The University of Strathclyde, 29th May – 1st June 2018.


Erz, A., Marder, B., & Osadchaya, E. (2018). Hashtags: Motivational drivers, their use, and differences between influencers and followers. Computers in Human Behaviour, Volume 89, Pages 48-60.

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