Economics Research into Education Group (ERiE)

Members of the Economics Research into Education (ERiE) group are interested in applying economics research methods to the study of teaching, learning and the impact of education.

The group provides a friendly and supportive environment for those who are interested in developing their pedagogical research. The group aims to offer evidence-based policy recommendations to assist the Department of Economics and inform good practice in UK Higher Education more generally. Research methods adopted in the group incorporate both economic theory and econometrics.

Group members

ERiE Group Founder and Leader: Marco Ercolani
Research interests: Education, health, ageing and work

ERiE Group co-Leader: Ceri Davies
Research interests: Education, macroeconomics, monetary economics, monetary policy

Kamilya Suleymenova
Research interests: Education; pedagogical research (with focus on feedback, digital resources/tools, future of HE landscape); institutional economics (also with application to HE sector, but not exclusively), microeconomic theory (political economy, education, entrepreneurship)

Ralph Bailey
Research interests: Education, mathematics, philosophy

Gunes Bebek
Research interests: Empirical international trade, trade and development, regional economics

Joseph Bromfield
Research interests: Education, competition policy, history of thought

Claire Crawford
Research interests: Determinants of educational participation and attainment, educational inequalities, returns to education, childcare and labour supply

Federica D'Isanto
Research interests: Education, gender discriminationtion, social inclusion, pro-social behaviour, wellbeing

Mary Dawood
Research interests: Assessment, module design, use of IT in teaching

Joanne Ercolani
Research interests: Education, gender pay gap, econometric theory (continuous time modelling, structural time series models)

Panos Fouskas
Research interests: Productivity in education, R&D, assessment in HE

Michael Henry
Research interests: Education, health, poverty and domestic migration

Sharin McDowall-Emefiele              
Research interests: Development economics and finance, application of Institutional Theory

Maria Psyllou
Research interests: Economics of education, health economics, pedagogical research

Sultan Salem
Research interests: Education, FDI, contemporary economics hypothesis testing, theoretical and applied econometrics, time series, crime justice & policing, international migration

Thomas Sebastian
Research interests: Globalisation, globalisation of finance, trade

Jacqueline Smith
Research interests: Philosophy and mathematics

Yao Yao
Research interests: Pedagogical research and practices, development economics and applied economics