Professor David Dickinson

Professor David Dickinson

The Department of Economics

Contact details

Department of Economics
Birmingham Business School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


PhD, Sheffield University
BA (Econ), Manchester University


Research Group

Money, Macroeconomics and Finance

Birmingham-Nankai Joint Interdisciplinary Research Institute

“Pollution Solutions” Theme of Institute of Global Innovation

Research interests

Financial markets and institutions, Behavioural Economics and Finance, China, Green Finance and Investment


‘The real effects of monetary policy in China: an empirical analysis’, China Economic Review, 2007 (with Jia Liu)

Bank loans and the effects of monetary policy in China: VAR/VECM approach, China Economic Review, 2010 (with Lixin Sun and James Ford)

‘Does Uncertainty matter for loan charge-offs?’  Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, October 2011 (with Laetitia Lepetit, Frank Strobel

‘The impact of shareholder structure on firm’s investment: Evidence from listed Chinese Companies’, Pacific Basin Finance Journal, November 2013 (with Hong Cao, Dayong Zhang and Aimin Chen)

Asset price volatility and financial contagion: analysis using the MSVAR framework. Eurasia Economic Review, 2014, Volume 4, Number 2, 133-162

The systematic risk of cross-border banking: evidence from the sudden stop and interbank stress contagion in East Asia Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 2016, Vol 52, Issue 1, pp. 237-254 (with Chau Le)

Non-performing loans, moral hazard and regulation of the Chinese commercial banking system Journal of Banking and Finance, 2016, 38-60 (with Dayong Zhang, Jing Cai, Ali Kutan)

Investigating the Impact of Income on Savings Using a Chinese Household Level Dataset, 2016, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, Vol 52 (8), 1775-1796 (with Dejing Kong)

Free cash flows and overinvestment: Further evidence from Chinese energy firms, 2016, Energy Economics, Volume 58, 116-124 (with Dayong Zhang, Hong Cao, Ali Kutan)

DG Dickinson, J Liu. 2007. "The Real Effects of MonetaryPolicy in China: An Empirical Analysis", China Economic Review, 18, 1,87-111. 

DG Dickinson, W Allen (Co-Editors). 2002. "Monetary Policy,Capital Flows and Exchange Rates: Essays in Honour of Professor MaxwellFry", London, Rutledge, ISBN: 0415251354. 

DG Dickinson, AW Mullineux (Co-Editors). 2001. "Financialand Monetary Integration in the New Europe", Aldershot, Edward Elgar,ISBN: 1840642467. 

DG Dickinson, AW Mullineux. 2001. "Lessons from the EastAsian financial crisis: A financial sector perspective", Geoforum, 32,133-42.

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