Dr Jacqueline Smith

Dr Jacqueline Smith

Senior Teaching Fellow

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Department of Economics
JG Smith Building
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT, United Kingdom

Dr Jacqueline Smith (Jackie) has been teaching applicable mathematics for the University of Birmingham as a class teacher and/or as a part-time visiting lecturer for over 40 years. Her early research interests were in the Health Services (local community provision and child developmental screening) and in methodology in general, but now she specializes in teaching. She especially enjoys overcoming the difficulties involved when teaching students who have a disability, or a problem with mathematics.

When the University of Birmingham wished to offer a foundation year for international students who did not yet have the entry requirements to study for a degree, Jackie was picked to set up and develop the new ‘mathematics’ course for the Arts, Social Sciences and Law Pathway for the then Birmingham Foundation Academy, now the Birmingham International Academy. She has lectured and taught seminars for this mathematics course called ‘Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics’ since the beginning of the foundation year; for the September entry students from 2012, and for the January entry students from 2015.

Jackie has also wide experience in the field of work, including the Civil Service, the Health Services, industry, and voluntary work.

One of Jackie’s achievements is that she was the first Lady Chairman of the Invariant Society, the mathematics society of the University of Oxford.


  • Only qualifications relevant to applicable mathematics are listed here:
  • PhD in Engineering Production, Health Services Research in the Centre for Ergonomics and Operational Research (University of Birmingham)
  • Diploma in Operational Research (University of Strathclyde)
  • BA (Hons) later MA in Mathematics (University of Oxford, Lady Margaret Hall)


Programmes: Birmingham International Academy
Lecturer and Seminar/Class Teacher

  • Foundation Pathway – Arts, Social Science, Business, and Law
    Double Module: LF Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics (September Entry)
  • Foundation Pathway – Social Science, Business and Law
    Double Module: LF Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics (January Entry)

Programmes: Department of Economics
Seminar/Class Teacher

  • Economics BSc
  • Mathematics, Economics and Statistics BSc
  • Money, Banking and Finance BSc
  • Economics and Political Science BSc
  • Economics with German BSc
  • Economics with Spanish BSc
  • Policy, Politics and Economics BA
  • International Relations with Economics BA
  • International Relations with Economics with Year Abroad BA
    Double Module: LC Advanced Mathematics for Economics