Dr Madlen Sobkowiak

Dr Madlen Sobkowiak

The Department of Accounting
Research Fellow in Business and Ocean Stewardship

Contact details

Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, UK
B15 2TT

Madlen is a Research Fellow in Business and Ocean Stewardship, working on the Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) initiative. Beforehand, Madlen was a Lecturer in Accounting specialising in Social and Environmental Accounting, Accounting for Sustainable Development and Biodiversity Accounting at the Birmingham Business School.


  • PhD, University of Birmingham, 2020
  • MSc International Accounting and Finance, University of Birmingham, 2016
  • BSc Business Administration, Technical University of Freiberg, Germany, 2015


Madlen started her Research Fellowship in July 2020 after joining the Birmingham Business School as a Lecturer in Accounting in September 2018. Her research interests cover a range of social and environmental accounting topics with a particular interest in accounting for biodiversity and accounting for sustainable development. Currently, she is working on the Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship (SeaBOS) initiative aimed at transforming the global seafood system



  • Social and Environmental Accounting


  • Social and Environmental Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Management Accounting
  • Decision Making and Control
  • Marketing & Financial Management (School of Engineering)


Research interests

  • Accounting for Sustainable Development
  • Accounting for Conservation
  • Social and Environmental Accounting 


Sobkowiak, M., Cuckston, T., Thomson, I. (2020). Framing sustainable development challenges: Accounting for SDG-15 in the UK. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Sobkowiak, M. (2020). Unpacking the Narrative Decontestation of CSR: Aspiration for Change or Defense of the Status Quo? / Vicious and Virtuous Circles of Aspirational Talk: From Self-Persuasive to Agonistic CSR Rhetoric / Aspirational Talk in Strategy Texts: A Longitudinal Case Study of Strategic Episodes in Corporate Social Responsibility Communication. Social and Environmental Accountability Journal. 40(1), 95-97, DOI: 10.1080/0969160X.2020.1711333.