Colin Rowat

Colin Rowat

The Department of Economics
Associate Professor in Economics
Turing Fellow

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Birmingham Business School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


  • Certificate in Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (Baruch College)
  • Diploma, MSc and PhD Economics (Cambridge)
  • BA Psychology (Carleton University)


Explainable AI (XAI)


EPSRC grant EP/J007498/1: Formal representation and proof for cooperative games, with M. Kerber, January 2012 - December 2014 (£389,557)

Other activities

Director of MSc Mathematical Finance (incl. admissions), careers and alum link, and chair of the Research Computing Management Committee

Visiting Researcher at Meiji Gakuin University (Tokyo)

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Frye, C., Rowat, C, and I. Feige (2000) Asymmetric Shapley values: incorporating causal knowledge into model-agnostic explainabilityNeurIPS 

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Marco B. Caminati, Manfred Kerber, Christoph Lange, Colin Rowat. (2014). Set Theory or Higher Order Logic to Represent Auction Concepts in Isabelle?. Conference on Intelligent Computer Mathematics No. 8543 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, pp. 236–251, 2014.

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M. Kerber, C. Rowat and W. Windsteiger. (2011). Using Theorema in the Formalization of Theoretical EconomicsLecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 6824, pp. 58 - 73.

M. Kerber and C. Rowat.  (2011). A Ramsey bound on stable sets in Jordan pillage gamesInternational Journal of Game Theory, vol 40(3), pp. 461 - 466.

I. Ayres and C. Rowat and N. Zakariya. (2011).  Optimal voting rules for two member tenure committeesSocial Choice and Welfare, vol 36(2), pp. 323 - 354.

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Discussion papers

A formal proof of Vickrey's theorem by blast, simp, and rule, with M. Kerber and C. Lange. January 2014, Department of Economics Discussion Paper, University of Birmingham, 14-01. (Submitted to the Journal of Mathematical Economics)

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Iraqi economy; UK and US Iraq policy; sanctions and their humanitarian consequences

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