Haoyu Liu

Haoyu Liu

Department of Management
Assistant Professor in Supply Chain management

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University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Haoyu, a distinguished scholar, has accomplished her doctorate in operations management and information systems from the University of Nottingham, financed entirely by the prestigious 'Deng Yaping Sports Scholarship'. Her competitive background in professional sports on an international level serves as the foundation of her passion to interlink digital transformation and innovation with the sports industry, and to enhance its supply chain processes.

Her broad academic interests encompass service ecosystems, the sharing economy, digital transformation, social media and analytics, along with sustainable supply chain management. Haoyu's ground-breaking research has been widely recognized and featured in an array of reputable, peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Business Research, IEEE Engineering Management Review, Annals of Operations Research, and Industrial Management & Data Systems, among others.

In addition, Haoyu holds a significant position as a peer reviewer for a range of globally recognized journals, including the Annals of Operations Research, Information and Management, and Information Technology & People. Her extensive knowledge and critical insights greatly contribute to these acclaimed publications.


Haoyu is teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The focus of his teaching is ‘Supply Chain Design and Performance management’ and ‘Digital Business’.

Postgraduate supervision

Haoyu is open to applications from candidates who possess a distinguished academic and professional sports background. She is particularly interested in those with a strong desire to build a career in academia, specifically in the domains of sports business management, digital transformation, big data analytics, service ecosystems, the sharing economy, social media and analytics and sustainable supply chain areas. If you foresee your future in these areas and are keen to pursue a PhD under her guidance, she would be pleased to receive your application. Those who come from an elite sports background are especially encouraged to apply.


Journal papers

• Liu, H.*, Tan, K.H. and Pawar, K. (2022). Predicting viewer gifting behaviour in sports live streaming platforms: the impact of viewer perception and satisfaction. Journal of Business Research, 144, pp.599-613. (SSCI, if=7.55, Q1, ABS 3*). 

• Liu, H.*, Tan, K.H; Kumar, A; Singh, S, and Chung, L (2022). Value Co-Creation in Sports Live Streaming Platforms: A Microfoundations perspective. IEEE Engineering Management Review. pp.1-12. (SCI, if=8.702/Q1, ABS 3*) 

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• Liu, H.* and Tan, K.H. (2022). The Value Co-Creation Process on Sport Live-Streaming Platforms.’ The Value Co-Creation Process on Sport Live-Streaming Platforms. Industrial Management & Data Systems, pp.1-12, DOI: 10.1109/TEM.2022.3204451 (SSCI, if=3.329, Q1, ABS 2*) 

• Liu, H.*, Tan, K.H., Chung. L. and Yoshie, O., 2022. ‘Examining Viewers’ Impulsive Buying Behavior in Sports Live Streaming Commerce’. Operations Management Research. (First submission). (SSCI, if=7.032, Q1, ABS 1*) 

• Wang, W., Wu, X., Li, X.*, Liu, H. and Liu, C., 2023. ‘Multi-criteria assessment of urban leisure sports parks from the spatial justice perspective: Taking Beijing as an example’. Environment and Planning B. (First submission). (SSCI, if=4.224, Q1) 

Conference contributions 

• Liu, H., Tan, K.H., Pawar, K. and Zhang, S. (2022). Sporting Resilience During Covid-19: The Value Cocreation Process on Sport Live-Streaming Platforms. In the International Conference on Operations and Supply Chain Management (and the Strategic Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum) (pp. 62-71). Singapore: Springer. 

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• Wu, X., Liu, H.*, Liu, C., & Wan, X. (2021). The Feasibility Research of Post-Occupancy Evaluation of MegaEvent Sports Venue. In proceedings of 2nd Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare (CAIH 2021), Fuzhou, China: EI. 

• Liu, H.*, Tan, K.H. and Pawar, K. (2019). The impact of social media on value co- creation in Sporting Event. In the 10th International Conference on Systematic Innovation, England Liverpool: ICSI. • Liu, H.*, Kim, T and Pawar, K. (2019). Value Co-creation in Sport Service Networks: A Systematic Literature Review. In the 10th Annual European Decision Sciences Conference, England Nottingham: EDSI.