Dr. Deniz Sevinc

Dr. Deniz Sevinc

Department of Management
Assistant Professor in Industrial Economics
Business and Labour Economics Group

Contact details

Birmingham Business School
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Deniz is an applied economist with research interests in income distribution, labour economics and regional economic development.


PhD in Economics University of Leicester, Department of Economics, Oct 2017


Deniz is an Assistant Professor of Economics within the University of Birmingham, Birmingham Business School, Business and Labour Economics Group and Early Career Editor of the leading journal Regional Studies (ABS 4*).


  • Intermediate Business Economics (with Tong Yin) 
  • Economics for Business (with Tong Yin) 
  • Business Economy and Government (with Lisa De Propris) 
  • Personnel Economics (with Stan Siebert)

Postgraduate supervision

Deniz is willing to supervise students in the aspects of development economics, international economics, labour economics and regional economic development.


Deniz is involved in a range of collaborative research networks and have grant applications as a PI under review. 

Research Grants - as Principal Investigator

PI: Impact Assessment - Birmingham Clean Air Zone (Funding Awarded 24.01.21) funded by Research England. £25K 

Research Grants - as Co-Investigator 

  • Co-I on Economics: NERC RISE West Midlands Air Quality Programme (funded by NERC) £4.9m overall until 2023, (Funding Awarded 25.05.2019) - Co-Investigator, PI: Prof. William Bloss (UoB)
  • Co-I on Economics: UK in a Changing Europe Project Fund (funded by ESRC)  The Post-Brexit Policy-Support Needs of ‘Left-Behind’ Places, (Funding awarded 24.02.20)  (£20k) - Co-Investigator, PI: Prof. Raquel Ortega-Argiles (UoB) 

Past Research Grants (as lead researcher on economics work strands): 

  • Business and Professional Services Productivity Deep Dive (£40k) 
  • Brexit’s economic impact on the UK, its regions, cities and sectors (funded by ESRC) (£299k), PI: Prof. Raquel Ortega-Argiles (UoB) 
  • Urban Living Birmingham (funded by RCUK) (£100k), PI: Professor John Bryson (UoB) 
  • USE-IT! Unlocking Social and Economic Innovation Together (funded by ERDF) (£150k), PI: Dr Peter Lee (UoB) 
  • Impacts of business support and skills development interventions (DIEM funded by WMCA) (£50k) 

Referee Activity

Journal of Economic Growth, Regional Studies, World Development, Journal of Economic Inequality,  Sustainability, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade

Other activities

Member of the Econometric Society, Canadian Economic Association
Royal Economic Society, Regional Studies
Association and European Society for Population Economics


Sevinc D., Flores Mata E. (2020). Macroeconomic and financial implications of multi-dimensional interdependence in OECD Countries, International Journal of Finance and Economics, ABS 3 

Sevinc D. (2020). How poor is poor? A novel look at multidimensional poverty in the United Kingdom, Social Indicators Research, (Impact factor: 2.353) 

Sevinc D., Green A, Bryson J.R., Collinson S., Riley R, Adderley S. (2020). Ensuring skills are available in the right locations: are we there yet? A regional analysis of qualification gaps, Regional Studies, ABS 4 

Billing C, McCann P, Ortega-Argiles R., Sevinc D. (2021). UK Analysts and Policy-Makers’ Perspectives on Brexit: Challenges, Priorities and Opportunities for Sub-National Areas, Regional Studies, ABS 4 

Green, A, Parke, C, Hoole, C, Sevinc, D. (2021). Unlocking inclusive growth by linking micro assets to anchor institutions: the case of skilled overseas migrants and refugees and hospital jobs, ABS 3 

McCann P., Ortega-Argiles R., Sevinc D., Cepeda-Zorilla M. (2021). Rebalancing UK Regional and Industrial Policy Post-Brexit: Priorities for Future, Regional Studies, ABS 4 

Billing, C., Bramley, G., Ioramashvili, C., Lynam, R., Cepeda Zorrilla, M., Collinson, S., Humphreys, K., Kollydas, K., Pan, F., Pugh, A., Sevinc, D. & Yuan, P-Y. (2023). The impact of university STEM assets: A systematic review of the empirical evidence,  PLoS ONE.

Liu, B., Bryson, J.R., Sevinc, D. et al. (2023). Assessing the Impacts of Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone on Air Quality: Estimates from a Machine Learning and Synthetic Control Approach. Environmental and Resource Economics, ABS 3

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