Allan Beltran

Allan Beltran

The Department of Economics
Assistant Professor of Environmental Economics

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Department of Economics
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Dr Allan Beltran is an environmental economist with research interests on environmental valuation, the economics of climate change and climate policy. His research combines the use of econometric analysis and geographical data to improve our understanding of the economic costs and benefits of climate change, as well as the effects of policies designed to limit its impact.

Allan joined the University of Birmingham in September 2018. Prior to joining the Department, he was a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Geography and Environment in the London School of Economics. He has also served as consultant for the United Nations (ECLAC) working on topics related to the economics of climate change in Latin America.

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  • PhD in Economics, University of Birmingham
  • MSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, University of Birmingham
  • BSc in Economics, National Autonomous University of Mexico


  • Public Economics
  • The Global Economy

Postgraduate supervision


Recent publications


Maddison, D, Ogier, R & Beltran Hernandez, A 2022, 'The disamenity impact of solar farms: a hedonic analysis', Land Economics.

Beltran Hernandez, A, Maddison, D & Elliott, R 2019, 'The impact of flooding on property prices: a repeat-sales approach', Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 95, pp. 62-86.

Beltran Hernandez, A, Maddison, D & Elliott, R 2018, 'Assessing the economic benefits of flood defenses: a repeat-sales approach', Risk Analysis, vol. 38, no. 11, pp. 2340-2367.

Beltran Hernandez, A, Maddison, D & Elliott, R 2018, 'Is flood risk capitalised into property values?', Ecological Economics, vol. 146, pp. 668-685.

Beltran Hernandez, A, Galindo Paliza, LM & Caballero, K 2018, 'Potential consequences of a CO2 aviation tax in Mexico on the demand for tourism', International Journal of Transport Economics, vol. XLV, no. 2, pp. 241-264.

Other contribution

Ghumra, A (ed.), Acil, N, Barker, J, Baziotis, C, Beltran Hernandez, A, Dai, D, Deakin, J, Dettmer, S, Fentham, D, Fontrodona-Bach, A, Hart-Villamil, R, Jenkins, B, Jia, X, Jones, AM, Morris, A, Murakami, A, Seymour, R, Da Silva Xavier, G, Smith, C, Tashev, S, Turner, J, Uche, EO, Xia, X & Zhong, J 2023, Birmingham Environment for Academic Research: Case studies volume 3. University of Birmingham.

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