Professor Raffaele Rossi

Professor Raffaele Rossi

The Department of Economics
Professor of Economics

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Birmingham Business School
Department of Economics
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Professor Raffaele Rossi joined the Department of Economics at Birmingham Business School in July 2023. Before coming to Birmingham, he was Reader at the University of Manchester. His research interests lie in macroeconomics, public finance, and applied time series econometrics.

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  • PhD University of Glasgow
  • MSc University of Edinburgh
  • BSc University of Milano-Bicocca


I joined Birmingham in July 2023 as a Professor of Macroeconomics. I previously worked for the University of Manchester and Lancaster University. 


  • LH Advanced Macroeconomics
  • LH Monetary Policy and Dynamic Macroeconomics


Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Time-Series Econometrics


Recent publications


Macnamara, P, Pidkuyko, M & Rossi, R 2023, 'Marginal Tax Rates and Income in the Long Run: Evidence from a Structural Estimation', Journal of Monetary Economics.

Miescu, M & Rossi, R 2021, 'COVID-19-induced shocks and uncertainty', European Economic Review, vol. 139, 103893.

Nguyen, A, Onnis, L & Rossi, R 2020, 'The Macroeconomic Effects of Income and Consumption Tax Changes', American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

Rossi, R & Laczo, S 2019, 'Time-Consistent Consumption Taxation', Journal of Monetary Economics.

Rossi, R & Motta, G 2018, 'Optimal Fiscal Policy with Consumption Taxation', Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

Rossi, R, Santoro, E & Petrella, I 2017, 'Monetary Policy with Sectoral Trade-offs', The Scandinavian Journal of Economics.

Leith, C, Moldovan, I & Rossi, R 2015, 'Monetary and fiscal policy under deep habits', Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control.

Ghilardi, MF & Rossi, R 2014, 'Aggregate stability and balanced-budget rules', Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

Rossi, R 2014, 'Designing monetary and fiscal policy rules in a new Keynesian model with rule-of-thumb consumers', Macroeconomic Dynamics.

Petrella, I, Rossi, R & Santoro, E 2014, 'Discretion vs. timeless perspective under model-consistent stabilization objectives', Economics Letters, vol. 122, no. 1, pp. 84-88.

Leith, C, Moldovan, I & Rossi, R 2012, 'Optimal monetary policy in a New Keynesian model with habits in consumption', Review of Economic Dynamics.

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