Dr Scott Taylor

Dr Scott Taylor

Department of Management
Business School Director of External Engagement and Responsible Business
Academic Lead for Accreditations
Professor of Leadership & Organization Studies

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Scott Taylor has worked at Open, Essex, Exeter, and Loughborough universities. He worked at Birmingham from 2002-07, then rejoined in 2013. He has visited and taught at the universities of Auckland, Delhi, GFV-EAESP Sao Paolo, Jeddah, Melbourne and Lapland. Scott is currently Development Editor for the Journal of Business Ethics, and an editorial board member for Academy of Management Learning & Education, Leadership, and Organization.


  • MA (Arts), University of Glasgow
  • MA (Human Resource Management), University of Bolton
  • PhD (Management), Manchester Metropolitan University


Scott’s research currently focuses on feminism in organizations. Current projects include the use of quotas to change women’s representation in political parties, and women working in the craft brewing sector.

Postgraduate supervision

  • Jennifer Davies, distributed leadership in the National Health Service
  • Isbahna Naz, gendered careers in banking
  • Hind Alsudays, gender pay gap
  • Andrew Maile, virtues and wisdom in leadership education
  • Dannielle Dorn, women working in technology


  • Misogyny in organizations
  • Craft work
  • Men and masculinities at work

Other activities

  • Member of Chartered Association of Business Schools Equality, Diversity & Inclusion committee


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