Liyun Zhang

Liyun Zhang

The Department of Economics
Research Fellow in Economics

Contact details

Birmingham Business School
Department of Economics
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Liyun’s main research interests are international economics and environmental economics with a focus on firms’ internationalization strategies and environmental behaviour.  


MSc, PhD (University of Birmingham)

Postgraduate supervision

Qinqin Xiong (2021-  ): UoB full scholarship


  • International economics
  • Environmental economics
  • Applied econometrics


Recent publications


Cole, MA, Elliott, RJR, Okubo, T & Zhang, L 2021, 'Importing, outsourcing and pollution offshoring', Energy Economics, vol. 103, 105562.

Cole, M, Maddison, D & Zhang, L 2019, 'Testing the emission reduction claims of CDM projects using the Benford’s Law', Climatic Change.

Cole, M & Zhang, L 2019, 'The clean-up of Chinese manufacturing: examining the role played by changing techniques of production', Economics Letters, vol. 180, pp. 11-14.

Elliott, RJR, Horsewood, NJ & Zhang, L 2018, 'Importing exporters and exporting importers: A study of the decision of Chinese firms to engage in international trade', Review of International Economics.

Cole, M, Elliott, R & Zhang, L 2017, 'Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment: A Review of the Literature', Annual Review of Environment and Resources, vol. 42, pp. 465-487.

Jabbour, L, Elliott, R & Zhang, L 2016, 'Firm productivity and importing: Evidence from Chinese manufacturing firms', Canadian Journal of Economics/Revue Canadienne d`Economique, vol. 49, no. 3, pp. 1086-1124.

Commissioned report

Cole, M, Elliott, R & Zhang, L 2023, A review of FDI and the environment in Asia literature: Are there lessons for climate change mitigation strategies? 2023 edn, Asian Development Bank, Philippines.

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