Five reasons to consider distance learning for your postgraduate research

We have 20 years’ experience in delivering high quality distance learning to students all over the world. Here are 5 reasons to consider distance learning for your postgraduate research ambitions…

1. Carry out your research from wherever you are in the world!

Our distance learning programmes allow you to carry out your research from any part of the world, by making the most of digital technologies to provide expert supervision and access University resources. Distance learning also allows you to stay close to local resources you may need for your study, such as archives. 

Person using laptop in a cafe

2. You will be well supported with your research

Despite being at a distance, you will still receive lots of support to ensure the success of your research. You will have monthly meetings with your supervisors (or bi-monthly if part-time) via video conference, as well as access to facilities such as the Library, IT and Canvas, our Virtual Learning Environment.

3. Flexibility to fit in with your life

Distance learning allows you to pursue your research goals around personal commitments. It also allows you to develop your career without having to leave employment, applying insights from your research to your working life while you are still studying. Our distance learning programmes are available both full-time and part-time. 

4. Develop new skills

As you manage your research around other commitments, you will greatly enhance your organisational and time management skills. You will also need to regularly draw on your own initiative and motivation to ensure you stay productive. These all really valuable skills to be able to demonstrate beyond your research. 

5. Join an international community

Although your fellow distance learning students will be based all over the world, you will still share a sense of community. This community is supported by the College and University, for example via a distance learning Discord channel and a range of virtual events. You will also get the opportunity to meet each other and your supervisors at the annual residential (or bi-annual if part time) in Birmingham*.

*The compulsory visit does not apply to the PhD English Language and Applied Linguistics distance learning programme.

Distance Learning students on their visit to campus
Anna Thorogood

Anna Thorogood, distance learning PhD student

“ Distance learning allows me to manage all the other responsibilities in my life, while still being able to carry out my research.”