How to apply for a College of Arts and Law Masters scholarship

For an application for funding to be considered, we must have received the following by the relevant deadline:

  1. Application to study
  2. Completed online funding application form
  3. Two valid references 

1. Apply to study 

Before applying to a College of Arts and Law Masters scholarship, you must have completed an application to study a relevant course at Birmingham. To make an application to study, please visit your chosen course's webpage and click the 'Apply now' button in the centre of the page.  

2. Complete funding application

Once you have made an application to study, you will need to complete the relevant online scholarship application form below and submit it by 4pm on 5 April 2024 for Masters scholarships. When clicking 'Submit', you will receive an on screen 'Thanks for the submission' message, which confirms that a submission has been made. If you have applied for Economic and Social Research Council funding, you will also need to make a separate application to the College of Arts and Law scholarships.

Once you have submitted the above form, your application will automatically be considered for any other relevant scholarships in the list below that you may be eligible for, without you having to make additional applications.

There are several other funding schemes available, which may have alternative application processes and deadlines. If you would like to be considered for these awards, you will need to make a separate application. Please find further details on our funding page

3. Submit references

Your application must also be supported by two references. It is your responsibility to forward the link to both of your nominated referees and tell them that their references must be submitted via the online form by the application deadline. We would advise you to contact your referees ahead of the deadline to ensure that references have been completed and submitted. 

Only references completed on the relevant online reference form will be accepted. Late references will not be considered. 

For further information, please review our frequently asked questions for our Masters scholarships which may help to answer many of the questions you have about the awards.

4. Selection process

In order for your application to be considered we will need to have received a complete application, i.e. study application, online funding application and two online references received by the deadline.  Your application will then be processed as follows: 

College of Arts and Law Masters scholarships

  • Graded and ranked by School Panels
  • Each School will recommend their top applicants for an award
  • A College Panel consisting of: CAL Graduate School Deputy Director (Chair) and School Heads of Postgraduate Taught (or representative) will meet to consider the School recommendations and to award any additional scholarships (depending on funding available) through a ranking process.

5. Outcome of application

You will be notified at various stages of the process.

If you are shortlisted, your application will be considered for any relevant College of Arts and Law scholarships. We will let you know as soon as possible the outcome of your application - usually within the period from early May to the end of June.  

If you have any further queries, please email

6. Doctoral scholarships

The College of Arts and Law are only accepting Doctoral Scholarship applications via the AHRC or ESRC application process.