Dr Neil V Rees BA(Hons), DPhil, MRSC

School of Chemical Engineering
Senior Lecturer / Assoc Prof

Contact details

University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Neil Rees is a senior lecturer in electrochemistry/fuel cell research within the Centre for Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Research in the School of Chemical Engineering.

Neil has published over 120 scientific articles in journals and books, and has wide-ranging research interests in fundamental and applied electrochemistry with particular focus on nanoelectrochemistry.


PGCert in Academic Practice (B’ham) 2014

DPhil in Electrochemistry 2004

BA(Hons) Chemistry 1995


Neil Rees qualified with a BA(Hons) in chemistry and DPhil in electrochemistry from Oxford University. After post-doctoral stints at Cardiff and Oxford, he was appointed at Birmingham in 2012.


Research Themes


  • Nanoelectrochemistry & electrocatalysis
  • Materials electrochemistry
  • Hydrodynamic electrochemistry
  • Charge transfer kinetics

[Please see www.nanoelectrochem.com for more details]


Some recent publications include:

The electroreduction of oxygen in aprotic
Azhar, AI; Manyepedza, T; Oladeji, AV; Hendi, R; Rees NV
JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY   ‏ Volume: 872   Article Number: 113989   2020

Computational study of mass transfer at surfaces structured with reactive nanocones
Mohammed, AM; Iqbal, M; Rees, NV; Alexiadis A.
APPLIED MATHEMATICAL MODELLING   Volume: ‏ 74   Pages: ‏ 373-386   Published: ‏ OCT 2019

Benchmarking the Activity, Stability, and Inherent Electrochemistry of Amorphous Molybdenum Sulfide for Hydrogen Production
Escalera-Lopez, D; Lou, Z; Rees, NV
ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS   Volume: ‏ 9   Issue: ‏ 8     Article Number: 1802614   Published: ‏ FEB 21 2019

Hydrogen evolution enhancement of ultra-low loading, size-selected molybdenum sulfide nanoclusters by sulfur enrichment
Escalera-Lopez, D; Niu, Y; Park, SJ; Isaacs, M; Wilson, K; Palmer, RE; Rees NV
APPLIED CATALYSIS B-ENVIRONMENTAL   Volume: ‏ 235   Pages: ‏ 84-91   Published: ‏ NOV 5 2018
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MoS2 and WS2 nanocone arrays: Impact of surface topography on the hydrogen evolution electrocatalytic activity and mass transport
Escalera-Lopez, D; Griffin, R; Isaacs, M; Wilson, K; Palmer, RE; Rees, NV
APPLIED MATERIALS TODAY   Volume: ‏ 11   Pages: ‏ 70-81   Published: ‏ JUN 2018

"Metal-free" electrocatalysis: Quaternary-doped graphene and the alkaline oxygen reduction reaction
Molina-Garcia, MA; Rees, NV
APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL   Volume: ‏ 553   Pages: ‏ 107-116   Published: ‏ MAR 5 2018

Enhancement of the Hydrogen Evolution Reaction from Ni-MoS2 Hybrid Nanoclusters
Escalera-Lopez, D; Niu, Y; Yin, J; Rees, NV; Palmer, RE
ACS CATALYSIS   Volume: ‏ 6   Issue: ‏ 9   Pages: ‏ 6008-6017   Published: ‏ SEP 2016

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