Professional Services

Professional Services in the School of Chemical Engineering  provide outstanding support to our researchers, enable an exceptional educational experience for our students, and help the University to grow its influence regionally, nationally, and globally.

Operations and Research Support

Operations and Research Support contacts
Head of Operations Sarah Fleming 0121 414 7397
Operations Manager  Claire Moran 0121 414 5185
PA to Head of School and Shool Operations Assistant Elise Hughes 0121 414 5354
Research Support Administrator Patricia Callaghan 0121 414 4234
Research Project Lead Dr Farid Benyahia 0121 414 2534
Operations Manager for the Healthcare Technologies Institute  Emma Lardner 0121 371 8543
Operations Officer for the Healthcare Technologies Institute Carissa Pausanos 0121 371 8571
Administrator for the Healthcare Technologies Institute Kate Fletcher 0121 371 7698
West Midlands Health Tech Innovation Accelerator Project Team Visit the HTI staff page for the full team list -
Head of Operations Formulation Engineering CDT Sian Williams 0121 414 5368
Administrator for Formulation Engineering CDT Eleanor Holt   N/A
Alumni Relations Manager  

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Education Support and Admissions

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Teaching Support and Admissions contacts
Education Support Team Manager Abbie Banner N/A
Senior Education Support Administrators

Katie Goldman

Nicola Collins

(+44) (0)121 415 9209

(+44) (0)121 414 3947

Student Recruitment and Admissions Adam Tomes Contact us  N/A
Outreach and Schools’ Liaison Officer  Vacant -  N/A

Postgraduate Research Student Support

Postgraduate Research Support contacts
Education Support Administrator Seema Chauhan pgrchemengadministration

+44) (0)121 414 9131

Building and Maintenance Support

Technical Manager Chemical Engineering Dr Jackie Deans 0121 414 5259
Deputy Technical Manager Chemical Engineering Chyntol Kanhimbe 0121 414 5350

Technical Support

Technical support
Senior Research Technician & Facility Manager
Jie Chen T-ERA, Metallurgy & Materials 0121 414 8788
Senior Research Technician Dr Mark Duffield T-ERA, Metallurgy & Materials 0121 414 8788
Senior Research and Teaching Technician David French Chemical Engineering 0121 414 5350
Senior Research Technician Jonathan Goldfinch Chemical Engineering 0121 414 3888
Senior Research Technician Ryan Jones Chemical Engineering 0121 414 3888
Teaching Technician Adam McCabe Chemical Engineering 0121 414 3888
Teaching Laboratory Manager Zoe Simon Chemical Engineering 0121 414 8144

Senior Research Technician 

Melissa Vieira

Healthcare Technologies Institute


Research Technician 

Jacob Ballard

Healthcare Technologies Institute