School of Chemistry

Chemistry is an exciting and rapidly changing subject which is crucial to our understanding of many of today's global issues. Our undergraduate courses and postgraduate opportunities, facilities 
and expertise enable our students and staff to study and work at the
leading-edge of this important subject.

Our new Collaborative Teaching Laboratory has recently opened, transforming the way we deliver hands-on teaching. 

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Posted 08 October 2018

Hello from the brand new Energy Society!

The Birmingham Energy Society (BES) was started to engage the student body in all matters related to the energy sector. It is hoped, by generating discussion, that the society will facilitate learning and develop interest in the diverse set of career opportunities available in the sector.

Posted 13 September 2018

Using nanotechnology to save a national icon

In the School of Chemistry, we have been working with partners and using the latest in new polymer nanotechnology to preserve a national icon, the Mary Rose.

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