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Other Worlds and Science & Society


This past term has been really exciting for SATNAV with another successful issue, discussion sessions and even a brief foray into the glamourous world of ball gowns. Take a peak at what they've been up to.

Expand and collaborate with WISE


What a busy semester for WISE – we've had our first Inspire event, expanded our outreach scheme and collaborated more than ever!

Autumn with AFNOM


At AFNOM have had a really exciting term, possibly one of their greatest yet! They've seen more attendees than ever at their weekly meetups, but have taken part in loads of competitions. Justin Chadwell tells us more.

Wonderful spring term with WISE


WISE had a busy term with expanding its outreach program and hosting its WISE Inspire events, there wasn't a dull moment for their members. The committee tells us more.

2018/2019 Year Review with AFNOM


AFNOM had a wonderful year participating in Capture The Flag competitions, ranking first in the BAE Systems CTF held at the School, and hosting their very own first CTF for EPS students! Andreea Radu tells us more.

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