You Lyu

You Lyu

Department of Drama and Theatre Arts
Doctoral Researcher

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PhD title: Physical theatre in contemporary China: Theatre San TuoQi and Nuo
Supervisor: Dr Rose Whyman and Dr Gianna Bouchard 
PhD Drama and Theatre Studies


  • MFA: drama and theatre performance, Yunnan Arts University, China


My research focus on the development of Chinese physical theatre ,and interest in the representative Chinese physical theatre Theatre San TuoQi  and physical theatre in UK, through the research to explore the physical training and physical theatre performance in an intercultural situation

Other activities

  • Attended the training of the president of the South Korea Musical Drama Association, Liu-hee-sung in 2018.
  • Participated in the theoretical research of the six-viewpoints performance training method in Shanghai Theatre Academy,and completed the thesis in 2019.
  • Participated in the drama “Dog Town” adapted from the movie of the same name. The drama won the Comprehensive Performance Award at the Guangzhou College Students Drama Festival (3rd place) in 2020 and was selected into the migratory bird 300 project of the first Anaya drama festival and performed.
  • Participated in the Yunnan province exhibition project in 2019 and played the main role in the drama named “Ask Your Heart”. Later the original large-scale play “Ask Your Heart” toured 202 times, performed in many large-scale theaters, and was selected for national exhibition. It won the Best Work Award in the Wuzhen Cup Drama Competition organized by China’s iQIYI APP and Wu Zhen Theatre Festival in 2021.
  • Planned and participated in the English physical theatre of Bill· Aitchision in the Yunnan Arts University.


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  • You Lyu. After Wearing the Mask-The Combination of Mask and Body Drama. Appreciation. 05 (2021):112-113+129. doi:CNKI:SUN:YSPJ.0.2021-05-060.
  • You Lyu. Research on the Contribution of DV8 Body Theatre to Body Theatre. China National Exhibition. 01(2021):120-122. doi:CNKI:SUN:MZBL.0.2021-01-044.