Outputs and resources

Over September and October 2018, the project team will develop and build the immersive prototype experience.

This design process will culminate in two major beta-tests; one in London and one in Birmingham in November and December 2018. The immersive performance prototype will not only be designed to provide access to RAS experience in a (syn)aesthetic manner, it will also serve to capture the audience-participant’s attitudes towards RAS and the UK-based asylum process. Through innovations in hybrid immersive performance dramaturgies, the research will generate an interactive archive of post-Brexit perceptions of RAS experience and processes. The digital technologies that will be integrated into the experience will have the capacity to trace any shifts in attitudes generated by participation in the immersive experience. Mapping those shifts in attitude will create an interactive archive that evidences the potential of immersive performance to affectively shift perception.

The team are currently working closely with Journeys Festival International to access funding for a programme of public presentations of the immersive prototype experience across 2019. We are also looking to develop a digital suite of open access resources: a podcast series and a short film documentary that capture and disseminate the teams creative approaches and innovations as well as the reception of the prototype experience with various public and industry audiences.  


The Corpus Quod team are beta-testing the prototype experience they have been building, Burden of Proof, to an invited audience on the 17 November 2018 in London and in Birmingham on the 1 December at secret locations. The Beta-test presentations are being supported by Theatre Delicatessen and The University of Birmingham. If you would like to participate as a beta-tester please contact Joanna Bucknall at j.j.bucknall@bham.ac.uk. A formal invitation will contain further detailed instructions about the locations.