The research

Where’s My Igloo Gone? was developed in 2015 and produced in 2016. The performance had an initial local and regional tour in 2016/17. Its second national tour started in 2017, and continued into 2018.

A scene from Where's My Igloo?

A major part of the research project concerns impact. Where’s My Igloo Gone? has significant ‘impact funding’ from the University of Birmingham. The project has been designed to reach, and benefit, public audiences (children 5+ and their families including d/Deaf and EAL [English as and Additional Language]), and practitioners (such as artists, theatre organisations and teachers).

In terms of these two groups, Where’s My Igloo Gone? was developed to reach:

  • Diverse audiences, encouraging them better to understand issues of climate, and causing and enabling perceptual and behavioural change. There are therefore multiple impacts:
    • Creative: the project results in a new, public-facing work that fundamentally concerns innovative form
    • Cultural: a new cultural artefact will be produced
    • Educational: the research concerns means to engage non-academic users in matters of global concern
    • Environmental: the research concerns the environment and is itself an intervention in pressing global concerns.
  • Practitioners and professionals: the research was conducted in collaboration with industry professionals and has impact upon industry practice by introducing a new aesthetic form and exemplifying accessible performance-making (d/Deaf/EAL); and insights into socially-conscious theatre production. Teachers will also have greater understanding and ability creatively to enhance curriculum delivery.