Aurora Faye Martinez

Department of English Literature
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Transforming Pastoral: Marvell to Wordsworth
Supervisors: Dr Tom Lockwood and Dr Sebastian Mitchell
PhD English Literature


My doctoral thesis offers a history of pastoral from Andrew Marvell to William Wordsworth. My history examines several authors' pastorals as evidence of a recursive English Christian tradition of writing that forms the historical reception of the Ancient pastoral of Theocritus and Virgil and other older forms such as the epic and the medieval romance. My project, once completed, will demonstrate the significance of historical reception of classical pastoral that forms the tradition to our reception of that tradition as contemporary readers. 

I have presented research papers at several academic conferences including the Renaissance Society of America (RSA), Society for Renaissance Studies (SRS), the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies (BSECS), and the North America Society for the Study of Romanticism (NASSR). I have written a book chapter entitled 'Feeling Fallen: A Retelling of the Myth of the Fall in a Musical Adaptation of Marvell's "A Dialogue between Thrysis and Dorinda"' in Music, Myth,  and Story in Medieval and Early Modern Culture, Ed's. Katherine Butler and Samantha Bassler (Boydell Press, 2019). I have also written a theatrical review of the Royal Shakespeare Company's performance of Henry V published in Shakespeare 12.3 (2016).