Kathryn Enticott

  • Managing Director and Senior Vice President of IMG Artists
  • BA English Literature and Music, 1986

Kathryn Enticott graduated in 1986 with a degree in English Literature and Music. She is now Managing Director and Senior Vice President of IMG Artists in London.

What was the best thing about studying at Birmingham, and how has it helped you in your career?

“My time at Birmingham was fantastic – I took part in many musical theatre projects and made life-long friends. I was even lucky enough to see The Smiths perform at the Guild! Both parts of my degree gave me skills that helped me in my career – like time management and organisation - but my real passion is for music.”

How did you get to where you are today?

“After graduating I sent letters to every music organisation I could find and was lucky to be taken on as an audio typist at Intermusica – I had never learnt how to type and those were the days of telex and fax, but it was a great first job and I ended up gaining huge experience during the year I worked there, including managing a European orchestra tour.

“I then worked for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Really Useful Group for five years. It was a fantastic experience and I was able to build a wealth of contacts that have proved invaluable as my career has gone on. I have been with IMG Artists for twenty years now, starting as an Artist Manager and working my way up to becoming Managing Director of our Artist Management Operations in Europe.”

What advice would you give to current students?

“Make the most of your time at University of Birmingham – there are fantastic opportunities all around campus as well as in the city, with the CBSO and theatres galore. Get work experience wherever and whenever you can, build relationships and network and most importantly, enjoy everything that university life throws at you. Those three years in Birmingham really were some of the best years of my life!”