Nicola Fleet-Milne

Nicola Fleet-Milne is the owner and managing director of FleetMilne Property, Birmingham city centre’s premier independent residential property agency. She is also chair of Birmingham Future, the city’s young professional network.

Nicola Fleet-MilneWhat was the best thing about studying at Birmingham?

“I enjoyed exploring beyond the expected boundaries of my course during my dissertation, and honing my skills in articulating a coherent and persuasive argument. I was heavily involved in the University Air Squadron – I learned to fly! I had to learn to balance that with my academic studies which also helped me to carve my own career path.”

What is your favourite memory from university?

“Spending my afternoons at RAF Cosford flying aerobatics in glorious sunshine, then asking my housemates how they’d enjoyed the library that day!”

What is the best thing about your job?

“The best thing about owning my own business is being able to make my own rules and balancing that with the responsibility of having a team of 18. My time at the University of Birmingham planted a love of the city that has developed into an enduring passion and a driving force for the choices that further my career.”

What advice would you give to students?

“Seriously consider a career here, as a primary choice, rather than a fallback option. Get a summer job as it’s very easy to accelerate your career by networking in Birmingham, even as an undergraduate. Make sure that your degree forms only a part of your university career; get involved in lots of activities/ because this is what working life is like if you want to get ahead quickly.”