Past events in English Language and Linguistics


1st December - CLiC Dickens Day

1st December - CLiC Dickens Evening

28th November - How persuasive is corporate discourse? An experiment testing the effectiveness of trust-building strategies in companies' texts.

21st November - What and how do genes cause? Comparing aetiology in popular and professional discourse.

15th November - Introduction to the new CLiC release: a corpus tool for literary texts

14th November - "Innocent until proven filthy": Constructions of New Lad masculinity in UK women's magazines

8th November - Introduction to CQPWeb

25th October - Introduction to Sketch Engine

24th October - Exploring corpus-based methods for comparative sociolinguistics

18th October - Introduction to AntConc and to corpus development

17th October - Big data, short texts

10th October - Indicating verbs as 'multimodal' constructions

3rd October - The multimodal construction of collective identity: A case study in Snapchat 'live stories'

7th September - Everyday Creativity and Communication

27th July - Sinclair Lecture 2017

24th-28th July - Corpus Linguistics Conference 2017

19th-21st July - Workshop on the Applications of Pattern Grammar

17th-21st July - Corpus Linguistics Summer School

16th June - Corpus stylistics for the English classroom

22nd March - Using corpus tools to analyse characterisation in literary texts: the example of Dickens

14th March - Title to be confirmed

8th March - Laurence Anthony's AntTools

7th March - How arbitrary is English?

28th February - Applying constructivist, usage-based theory to language in aphasia: An exploratory study of verbs

27th February - Why do metaphors work? The power of metaphor in everyday communication

22nd February - Getting to grips with BNCweb

21st February - More different than you might think: variation in student writing as revealed by a new MDA analysis of BAWE

7th February - Modelling constructional change with distributional semantics

31st January - A corpus stylistic approach to the sermons of John Donne and his contemporaries

24th January - The discursive construction of inequality: a corpus approach

16th January - Empirical insights into Cohesion. Contrasting English and German across Modes

10th January - Rethinking words and patterns and applying this to a local grammar of evaluative meaning


6th December - Surveillant Landscapes: New directions in linguistic landscape research

30th November - Discourse and dialogue: Annotating and aggregating corpus data

29th November - The people's critical discourse analysis: an investigation of the 'moral order' of language as seen by Mass Observation project correspondents in the 1980s

28th November - The uses and limitations of current sign language corpora

22nd November - Holocaust poetry as communication

16th November - Introduction to Sketch Engine

15th November - Retweets in social television practices: from keyword analysis to co-tellership

9th November - Introduction to AntConc

8th November - Title to be confirmed

4th November - A corpus-based perspective on the US presidential election through a FireAnt analysis of candidates' social network interactions

2nd November - Introduction to Web as Corpus

26th October - Speech presentation in 19th century literature: A hands-on approach

25th October - The Discourse of Sexual Health Advice

18th October - 45 Years of Budget Speech metaphors: 1971-2016

11th October - Discourse analysis of researcher vignettes: a reflexive approach to exploring co-production in a large diverse team

4th October - Discourse analysis of gender and age applied to the wider world of business

3rd October - Exploring frequency and textual units

28th June - Grammar lessons and language games: translating Tagore and Wittgenstein on children's education

20th June - Sinclair Lecture 2016

20th-24th June - Corpus Linguistics Summer School 2016

17th May - Can you shut off the first language in a second language?

22nd April - BELP 2016

31st March - Text-patterning in legal texts

22nd March - Towards a corpus linguistics of sign languages: The British Sign Language Corpus Project

15th March - Found in Translation: The influence of L1 word combinations on how idioms are processed in L2

8th March - The mutual influence of the first and second languages in German and English L1 speakers in second language environments

1st March - Time, Transition and Voice: The changing role of attributions in British sex education texts for teenagers, 1950-2014

23rd February - Multimodality, news narratives and citizen journalism: The YouTube coverage of Oscar Pistorius

17th February - Implications and applications of dependency-based phraseology extraction

11th February - Launching the Corpus Statistics Group

9th February - The Zhuangzi, hermeneutics and (philological) corpus linguistics

2nd February - The making of 'EMMA: Exploring Multimodal Metaphor (and Metonymy) in Advertising': Background, rationale, first results, and future development

26th January - Some possibilities for data-driven analysis of multimodal narratives