News in English Language and Linguistics

Why do metaphors work?

Inaugural lecture of Professor Jeannette Littlemore, Professor of English Language and Applied Linguistics

Michaela Mahlberg at the Hay Festival

Professor Michaela Mahlberg, interviewed at the Hay Festival, talks about Corpus Linguistics as a method of quickly surveying word usage in texts and illustrates how we can use it to analyse Dickens.

EMMA goes to Brussels

Dr Paula Perez-Sobrino and Professor Jeannette Littlemore showcased their Marie Curie project at the 'Science is wonder-ful! –European Researchers' Night' event in the Parliamentarium in Brussels.

Sinclair Lecture 2016

The 11th Sinclair Lecture was delivered by Professor Michaela Mahlberg, Chair in Corpus Linguistics and Director of the Centre for Corpus Research.

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